Photo By AK BijuRaj

Doha, 24 February 2016. Aspire Academy’s second sports science conference launched  Tuesday February 23, running through Thursday February 25 with the participation of renowned local and international experts. The topic of this year’s edition is “Monitoring Athlete Training Loads – The Hows and Whys”.

The conference will give the participating experts the opportunity to share insights and expertise about the latest trends in sports science, specifically the best methodologies and theories on monitoring athlete training loads to protect athletes from injuries resulting from intense training.

A renowned group of sports science experts from around the world are participating in the conference. They will discuss the past, present and future of athletic monitoring techniques, review case studies of applied research in elite sports teams, player tracking technology, as well as assess monitoring tools for sports such as football, swimming and cricket.

The conference is in line with Aspire Academy’s focus on being a source of information on the latest trends and developments that contribute to improving athletic performance and discussion around the top challenges that face sports science – specifically when it comes to monitoring athlete training loads.

In addition, six participants from the Aspire Academy Young Investigator Award will be presenting a number of abstracts during the conference.

Commenting on the conference, Mr. Ivan Bravo, Director General of Aspire Academy, said: “Hosting this conference stems from our philosophy to provide a platform of collaboration for the world’s leading sports scientists and expert coaches. We hope through the conference to be able to contribute to the performance of athletes around the world, whether in training or on the field, as it offers a great opportunity to assess the latest developments and theories in sports science. This all contributes towards Aspire Academy’s goal of building a future generation of elite athletes and preparing them for the global sports scene”.

Speakers at the conference include Dr Carl Foster, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (USA); Dr Stephen Seiler, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Agder (Norway); Dr Martin Buchheit, Head of Performance at Paris Saint Germain Football Club; Dr Marco Cardinale, Head of Sports Physiology at Aspire Academy; amongst others.