Xavier Simeon gains confidence – Julian Simon still chases set-up solutions



The preparations for the new Moto2 Grand Prix season continue for QMMF Racing Team with the official IRTA test at Jerez. After two of three days, new QMMF team member Xavier Simeon from Belgium holds 14th place in the time sheets, whereas his Spanish team-mate Julian Simon is currently in 24th place in the combined standings. Once again, lap times had little significance, not only due to different teams using different engine specs, but also because QMMF Racing Team concentrated their efforts entirely on improving race pace and the Speed Up’s performance with used tyres, without joining the hunt for the fastest possible lap at this stage.

The efforts of riders and technicians paid off, with Simeon improving significantly on degrading tyres and making a big step in adapting to his new machine. Simon worked hard on the bike’s set-up for the slower corners of the track and hopes to come up with a good solution on the third and final day of testing.

Xavier Simeon – 14th in 1.43,116

“We have two different tyre compounds at our disposal for this test, but the number of tyres is limited and we have actually less tyres of the compound we prefer. We have very few of this type for the three days of testing, so we tried to save and used the other compound so far, which I like less. Nevertheless, we worked a lot with this tyre and managed to improve quite a lot, especially as far as our race rhythm goes, with degrading tyres. Before, it was very difficult for me to go fast with this motorcycle when the tyre grip went down, as I wasn’t very consistent and couldn’t keep a strong pace. But now, we are able to go fast with used tyres, which is a boost to my confidence. Now I have to find a way to get the best out of the bike with new tyres, because with the additional grip of new tyres, the front end of the bike is a bit delicate. If we can make another step with the settings for the front of the bike, we will have a really good base. Work with the team is great, the guys understand more and more what I need and what I like. We are working in a calm way and we progress every day, so I’d like to say thanks to everybody involved!”

Julian Simon – 24th in 1.43,731

“So far, the test here was challenging for me. We keep trying different set-up solutions in order to go faster, but we are not at a 100 per cent yet. My biggest problem is braking into the slow turns. We tried many things and managed to improve, but we are still far from our true potential and we are also far from the top of the time sheets. The team keeps working very hard and I also work very hard on the track, with the clear goal of improving on the third and final day of testing tomorrow and of establishing a more solid base for the first Grand Prix of the season at Qatar, which is also the home race of my team. We had problems with the turning of the bike last year as well, but we will keep trying hard to find the solution and I have little doubt that we will be rewarded in the end!”