Sara Errani, Qatar Total Open 2016

Press Conference


Q. Good win today, but a slow start. Was that just getting used to the conditions here?
SARA ERRANI: Yes, I think so. It’s quite difference from there. The ball doesn’t go too much and the ball is getting more heavy. Yeah, maybe I start not really good.

Also for her game, not only the conditions. She play really good and was not missing balls. I had chance to go 2-All in the first set. I was 40-Love up, and then some game just go away like this.

But in the second, I start good. And then 4-Love up. And then she — when the ball went loose, I was playing better. Then the ball, like after three, four game of using ball, it’s more difficult for me.

Q. How much time did you have to practice in the last couple of days?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I arrived yesterday 2 o’clock. Then I come here and practice. Not too much. I was a bit tired. So just yesterday, one hour, and this morning half an hour.

Q. Just tell us about last week. One of the best wins of your career?
SARA ERRANI: Yes, of course. Biggest tournament I won. Of course I’m really happy. It was a tough week, but of course I enjoy it.

Q. Ask you one general question about your career. If you were able to go back and play one match, you could start it again, what would it be? Would it be maybe the French Open final?
SARA ERRANI: It’s difficult. I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer. It would be maybe the French Open. But also I know I just try my best. Maybe if I play again, it happens the same. So I have this feeling inside. Maybe no one.

Q. Would you do anything differently if you could play that match again?

Q. No?
SARA ERRANI: No. I think in that moment I thought that thing was the best thing. So maybe if I play again, I do exactly the same things.